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Ready for the next thing but can't figure out what it is?

Feeling pulled in different directions but not sure what path to take?

Waiting for a sign to help you decide your fate?


Do you feel the pressure of the shoulds:

  • Should I change jobs?
  • Should I get a job outside the home?
  • Shouldn’t I already know what I want to be when I grow up?
  • What is the work I should be doing that feeds my soul and purpose?
  • I should not complain since I already have a great life filled with family and friends I love.

But, something is missing  . . . . . 

I believe overwhelm is a sign from within to take a deeper look and find the opportunity waiting to be discovered. 

Do you want to transform the shoulds into solutions?

As a former Overwhelmed Mom myself I was tired of making myself busy with overachieving; over committing and being available to everyone except myself to cover up my confusion.  

I started my way to clarity by using all my spiritual training, professional organizing, certified yoga training, executive coaching and developed a way for my real work in the world to emerge.  I started helping friends with these methods and refined them into a simple strategy to help women bring out what was just beneath the surface ready to emerge. 

I created solutions for The Overwhelmed Mom because I needed them.

It happens to each of us – without our control and definitely without our approval; but it happens– it’s the moment we realize, we are exhausted! Not the kind a few extra hours of sleep will solve but a deep exhaustion that is accompanied with inner frustration. I remember that moment clearly because it changed my entire life. I was trying to juggle it all, my job, getting pregnant, and my marriage all while running on spiritual empty. After a long, heartbreaking process of trying to manage it all I completely surrendered and asked for and received guidance. Admitting complete defeat, I surrendered and my life completely transformed.

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Each woman I work with is unique and has a special gift that they need to give to the world.  I work with you as an individual and tailor a clear strategy for your specific needs.  I help you tap into your divine purpose and develop your clear message. My purpose is to help you gain clarity on what your specific special purpose you are to fulfill and support you in making that a reality. I do this by offering 3 levels of support and clarity:

HERE SOME THINGS we'll WORK ON together:

  • Breakthrough all that confusion of what you need to do now and next 
  • Learn how to let go of overwhelm, overcommitment and overachieving exhaustion 
  • Solidify which direction you specifically need to take 


  • A daily strategy that keeps you focused and on your divine course
  • Further clear out past stumbling stones and use them as building blocks to strengthen you
  • Deepen your intuition and begin to decipher and trust its direction
  • Breakthrough to your big picture and structure your plan around it


  • Private Classes
  • Up to 10 People
  • Guided Visualization
  • Hands-on activities that are specific to your group needs.
  • Combined meditation and opportunity discovery

“I am the woman who assist the women that are going to change the world. I am here to remind clarify and support you with what you are here to do.”
— Briana Beveridge